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Project: Strategy&Branding    |    Client: Microsoft (Bonds)

Microsoft Research and Development Israel has established various professional technological communities and asked us to create a branding strategy and strong visual language that would

produce differentiation between every community and attract its relevant audience.

In recent years, technological communities in high-tech companies have become a key asset in strengthening their brand, bringing together both professional communities, and recruiting talents.



We understand that every technological community is a whole world, and each community has characteristics which are very different to the others, so we decided to create a brand that doesn't have a single design language.

What is common to all communities is that everyone is different... 


Asset 3.png



Only this time, we chose to take the technology out of the branding - because it already exists there. No one has to tell anyone it's technological.

Asset 4.png



It was more important for us to communicate to the people behind the community, to their thoughts, to their passions, their private jokes, and to create a world that is invisible.

Asset 5.png
Asset 8.png
Asset 6.png
Asset 7.png
Asset 9.png
Asset 16.png
Asset 10.png
Asset 11.png
Asset 12.png
Asset 14.png
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