Project: Rebranding    |    Client: River Sushi bar

What would happen if three Asian gods and a Samurai rent an apartment in the middle of the country?

They are opulent, they are funny, they are cool and they adore food.

They take themselves very seriously when it comes to food, the rest of life usually falls to the wayside...

At least the food is so delicious that... who cares about tradition?

The Asian Restaurant Network is seeking to refresh the brand's visibility, connect with a younger and cooler audience and create a brand that every child and adult can connect to on a personal and experiential level.

That's why we chose to create a brand story that provides room for all Asian clichés in one place, to laugh a little at ourselves and break the seriousness that every Asian restaurant Israel.


The Thai goddess version. Multitasking, restless, super vocal and to her detriment gets annoyed in a second.

Soothes her: Noodles and Netflix.

He is not the strongest samurai in Japan but definitely the samurai who is the most fun to hang out with.

He takes food so seriously that you deserve to hug him. He always seems relaxed, and would never dare to go anywhere without his flip-flop.

Samurai in jeans.

The gamer version of the chubby one who loves mostly everyone and food. He always has a PlayStation sign in his hand. When there is no food around he gets nervous, when the food arrives he feels nirvana. Loves cultural music and is strong in technology. Not much of a nightlife.

She really likes service, but not everyone has style - she looks tough on the outside, but, when you get to know her, you discover countless exorcisms of joy.