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Two entrepreneurs in the business and showbiz field decide to combine forces and establish a lifestyle brand focused on importing medical cosmetic technology. The brand's journey opened with a cryotherapy device utilizing cold for both cosmetic and medical treatment. The trend of the devices began to gain momentum in the Israeli market, and our real challenge was to build a brand identity that is solid and enduring - one that is unaffected by trends and conveys credibility. On the other hand, we had to create a light-hearted and intimate brand identity to stay relevant and up-to-date with our consumers in a largely built market of trends, aesthetics and style.

Project: Medical Branding    |    Client: MedMyDay

It's all about bringing joyful moments into our lives


We created a visual language based entirely on small parts or small moments that put together one big picture.

The visual symmetry of the grid-based language allows us to maintain minimalism and cleanliness alongside creative and playful content in each slot.

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The story we chose to tell was a story of small, brief and effective moments that create a perfect day - twenty minutes of therapy gives me a day filled with amazing feelings.

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